Victoria Holmes

British author. Grew up on a farm and learned to ride at the tender age of two! She studied at Oxford University and living in the ancient town inspired an interest in history. She has written three historical pony stories which combine her twin loves of horses and history. Although she is a British writer and her books are set in the British Isles, they were originally published in the USA and have not as yet been reprinted in the UK.

Under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter, she has also co-authored with three other writers the
Warriors and Seekers series of books, which are animal-themed fantasy adventures, mainly featuring cats.

She now lives in London where she works as a book editor, although she escapes to the country when she can, to walk and ride.

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in paperback.
SUMMARY: Historical horsy adventure story. Helena lives a priviliged life as the daughter of rich magistrate Lord Roseby, however she longs for excitement and to ride her father's powerful horses. With the help of stable-boy Jamie she sneaks out at night to ride them. Then when her father brings home a magnificent but mysterious stallion and rumours of smuggling begin to circulate, Helena suddenly finds the excitement she has longed for.

Reprinted in paperback.
SUMMARY: Historical pony story set in Ireland. When fourteen year old Nora rescues a beautiful injured stallion from the wreckage of a Spanish ship which has crashed off the coast of her Irish home, she hides him in a nearby cave and plans to nurse him back to help. But she finds an injured very young Spanish soldier hiding in the caves. She wants to help the boy but this will mean betraying her own people and also risking losing the horse she has grown to love.

(HARPER COLLINS [Canada?] 2006)
SUMMARY: Historical pony story set in 1920s England. After many years away mining in Africa, Maddie's brother Theo arrives back home bringing with him Firebird, a beautiful chestnut mare. At first things do not go well. Maddie is frightened of horses and feels that her brother has changed, but soon she makes friends with the mare and she and Theo together begin to train Firebird for a top jumping competition. But then Maddie discovers a terrible secret...

Collector's Info:
Although the author is British these books not been published in the UK, but only in the USA and Canada. They are therefore a lot easier to find there. There are a few copies to be had in the UK but the books may have to be bought from the USA. That said, they can be ordered very cheaply from American booksellers on Amazon.